Ag-Bioscience Could Create “Nearly 19,000 Jobs and $3.6 Billion in Revenues”

Some industries that fall into the category of ag-bioscience include crop and livestock production, waste capture, biomaterials production, food processing safety, and biofuels and energy production. Ag-bioscience is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think about which industries could contribute most to economic growth. However, this industry creates unrivaled jobs and revenue in comparison to other industry clusters! 

Container Farms Offer Affordable, Sustainable Solution

Author: Nina Liloia So, you want to be a farmer. How do you get started? Freight Farms, an agricultural technology company headquartered in Boston, MA, has created an easy and affordable option for those interested in food production. The company manufactures vertical, hydroponic farms built into shipping containers. The containers are able to produce hundredsContinue reading “Container Farms Offer Affordable, Sustainable Solution”