Why Should We Keep Food Dollars Local?

In recent years, a movement for “buying local” has resurfaced in the food industry. Farmers markets and farm-to-table restaurants, for instance, have often been heralded as ideal choices over massive supermarkets and chain restaurants, suggesting positive outcomes with local food consumption. Because of this rhetoric, many people have adopted a sense of moral righteousness aboutContinue reading “Why Should We Keep Food Dollars Local?”

Social Justice Aided by Food Innovation

The Center for Food Innovation at Oberlin’s stated goals center food systems at large. They highlight how innovative agricultural and food systems-oriented changes can overwhelmingly shift our region. As we invest in new, innovative options, our food systems can become far more localized. Localized food systems will provide a much needed economic boost for theContinue reading “Social Justice Aided by Food Innovation”

Harmful Algal Blooms cost Ohio over $815 million

Since 2010, Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) have cost Ohio over $815 million. In addition, they have caused the deaths of Lake Erie pets, wildlife and plants and has caused illness in humans through physical contact or consumption. This cost includes damage and devaluation of lakeshore property, loss of tourism, loss of recreation, and additional municipalContinue reading “Harmful Algal Blooms cost Ohio over $815 million”