Second Nature: Higher Education Institutions’ Potential to Support Local Resilience

At the Center for Food Innovation at Oberlin, we and our stakeholders gain tremendous benefit collaborating with our region’s diverse private and public institutions. With a content team made up of Lorain County Community College and Oberlin College grads, along with a network of partners at the Ohio State University Extension program, we’ve seen first-handContinue reading “Second Nature: Higher Education Institutions’ Potential to Support Local Resilience”

Cleveland Solar Co-op: The Forefront of Communal Energy

Cleveland Solar Cooperative (CSC) fully kicked off in 2020 as a collective effort of multiple groups of neighbors in Cleveland interested in engaging people who may not traditionally have access to clean energy. Based upon the concept of energy democracy, CSC aims to establish socially-rooted ownership of energy resources to place power into the hands of lower income communities, communities of color, or working class people.