Business Support for Food Producers: Gaps in Entrepreneurial Programs

Elizabeth Schuster, Environmental Economist – While much research has been conducted around tech business startups, there is a clear knowledge gap when it comes to helping food businesses start and grow. Entrepreneurial support for food businesses and farmers is as critical as agriculture and food production are a foundation for many rural economies. Further, inContinue reading “Business Support for Food Producers: Gaps in Entrepreneurial Programs”

The Time to Innovate is Now

Crain’s Cleveland May, 2020, Author, Bara Watts You may have heard, “Never waste a good disaster.” Out of chaos and destruction, opportunity can be born. History has demonstrated over and over again that companies willing to navigate the storm and innovate, versus those that recoil and hunker down, have reaped rewards. Consider this small listContinue reading “The Time to Innovate is Now”

Jobs Ohio Report Highlights Opportunities and Trends In Ohio’s Food Industry

In 2019 Joe Needham, Director of Food and Agribusiness for the State of Ohio published a report that highlighting some of the development and innovation opportunities entrepreneurs should know about. READ REPORT First off, understand that Ohio agribusiness sector contributes $16.4 billion to the state’s Gross State Product annually. The combined food and agribusiness contributesContinue reading “Jobs Ohio Report Highlights Opportunities and Trends In Ohio’s Food Industry”