Second Nature: Higher Education Institutions’ Potential to Support Local Resilience

At the Center for Food Innovation at Oberlin, we and our stakeholders gain tremendous benefit collaborating with our region’s diverse private and public institutions. With a content team made up of Lorain County Community College and Oberlin College grads, along with a network of partners at the Ohio State University Extension program, we’ve seen first-handContinue reading “Second Nature: Higher Education Institutions’ Potential to Support Local Resilience”


Author: Gus Jaynes As consumers across the country and around the world quickly found out, the COVID-19 pandemic is having a significant impact on the way the food system operates.  In the last year, it has become clear just how much the food supply chain, among others, is being challenged by COVID-related disruptions.  At theContinue reading “CENTER FOR FOOD INNOVATION SEEKS TO DEVELOP FLEXIBLE, PANDEMIC-PROOF FOOD SYSTEM”

Container Farms Offer Affordable, Sustainable Solution

Author: Nina Liloia So, you want to be a farmer. How do you get started? Freight Farms, an agricultural technology company headquartered in Boston, MA, has created an easy and affordable option for those interested in food production. The company manufactures vertical, hydroponic farms built into shipping containers. The containers are able to produce hundredsContinue reading “Container Farms Offer Affordable, Sustainable Solution”

The Time to Innovate is Now

Crain’s Cleveland May, 2020, Author, Bara Watts You may have heard, “Never waste a good disaster.” Out of chaos and destruction, opportunity can be born. History has demonstrated over and over again that companies willing to navigate the storm and innovate, versus those that recoil and hunker down, have reaped rewards. Consider this small listContinue reading “The Time to Innovate is Now”