A Roadmap to Local Sustainable Foods: Part 1

Foods Business Cluster for Cuyahoga County. The roadmap outlines eight interventions needed for the region to meet the goal of creating a sustainable food sector and increase regional jobs, revenue, and sustainability by supporting local food and beverage businesses. We’re going to take a look at these eight options and see what has happened since the roadmap was created and where there are still gaps in the proposed plan.

Jobs Ohio Report Highlights Opportunities and Trends In Ohio’s Food Industry

In 2019 Joe Needham, Director of Food and Agribusiness for the State of Ohio published a report that highlighting some of the development and innovation opportunities entrepreneurs should know about. READ REPORT First off, understand that Ohio agribusiness sector contributes $16.4 billion to the state’s Gross State Product annually. The combined food and agribusiness contributesContinue reading “Jobs Ohio Report Highlights Opportunities and Trends In Ohio’s Food Industry”